The multitude of colors and their shades in the rain
The shadows and the ghosts of her pain
The woman who has lost and has nothing to gain
From the pride that is lost through shame

The orange hue of light that lingers in the mist
That triggers all the fright out of the rift
Reminiscing the time she lost to charity
Wandering through the dark with asperity

Suddenly she feels the overwhelming peace
Running through her veins as she falls asleep
Suddenly she feels that she is everything
Suddenly she is just out of sight

I’ve found a way to get away from this land
Where the rainbows glow in the sand
The colors I now see are gliding through me
And all there is says “Rest in peace”

Suddenly I feel the overwhelming for me
Suddenly I feel that it’s alright
Doesn’t matter if and when I’ll find it in me
Suddenly I see through the light

Finally I feel it’s overwhelming for me
Finally I know that it’s alright
Doesn’t matter when I know I have it in me
Finally I see I am the light